Modular Exhibition Displays

Be Amazed by Perth Modular Exhibition Displays from VE Graphics.  Use and Re-use and Pack away to compact sizes.

Lightweight and Adaptable

VE Modular Displays are fantastic for exhibitor who’s booth space vary from show to show and need a display that can adapt its size and shape to suit. All of our Modular displays are designed to pack away small hence saving you on shipping and storage charges.


Modular displays can be installed and dismantled by you with training, or you can take advantage of VE Graphics knowhow and let us handle the installation and dismantle. As part of our partnership we can manage local labour in over 100 locations worldwide.

Attention Grabbing Graphics

Our Modular Displays can take a variety of graphics ; anything from fabric, to cable mounted or even 3D graphics. Our graphics are interchangeable so you can keep your corporate look no matter what size of booth you require. Easily updatable – you can update or adapt the message of your graphics easel and simply using our proprietary graphic interchange system.


If you would rather have VE Graphics handle everything, we also offer frame work rental options. This is a very popular with most of our clients.


Some reasons our clients rent our Modular Displays

  • No capital outlay
  • No storage or upkeep expenses
  • Use VE Graphic’s knowledge to help design your display on a show by show basis.
  • Invest in larger booth spaces/more display hardware
  • Able to use the VE Graphics worldwide network to rent framework off local supplier, hence saving on shipping and stress.
6x3 custom portable display