Custom Display Case Study – Kailis Brothers

In June 2018 Clients from Kailis Bros and VE Graphics met up to discuss the possibility of designing a  custom design stand for the 2018 Seafood and Fisheries Expo in Quindao, China October 2018. Kailis had previously advertised at this expo – the biggest fishing expo in the world – but wanted to really come to the table this year. They had a bigger booth, and wanted an Australian design team to run the job from start to finish.



The main idea was to show the Kailis Bros brand through a design that implemented all things crisp, clean and fresh. They wanted lots of height, with timbers, and a clean look to contrast with the Chinese designs of bright colours and busy artwork. They wanted their fresh, clean, fresh Australian brand and produce to speak for itself on the global stage.


From the start both teams worked on concept ideas to give an image to the vision discussed; Kailis Brothers supplied a mood board to show our designers the precise design nuances they found important, and from there the booth began.

Using the moodboard, we created a draft image that we believed incorporated all the design concept ideas that were supplied to us from the client;  a clean, fresh look with wood panelling, high ceilings and open spaces, with room for a kitchen, meeting rooms and a display area.



One of the main points for this design was that it had to cater to three seperate companies; Kailis Brothers, Hamai, and China Seafood. In the initial designs we tried to naturally incorporate the three designs by creating height with hanging banners.


Our final design was approved in September, and was sent to the builders on site in Quindao.

One month later, we have a full booth display and the finished result was an embodiment of the brief.

Final Thoughts

The final resulting custom display gave exactly what we promised the client; Australian style in the face of a sea of competitors, leaving their products to speak for themselves.


Meeting with the Kailis team following the show, we discussed some changes to the build and design and have a new plan for 2019.

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