25 Nov Trade Show Booth Types

Still deciding on the size, location, or configuration of your next trade show booth? Trade show booth types are varied and can be confusing, both to newcomers to the industry and veterans! To help, we have created a comprehensive list of booth sizes and types to assist you with your decisions.

In trade shows there are positives and negatives to each style of booth, and each booth style choice means different things for your display.

With trade show booths, there are always things to consider for every booth type. Does your Trade show booth type allow for your current display design?

To take the guess work out of your decision, we have compiled some pros and cons to each display.

Inline Booth

Inline booths are a great starting point for new trade show exhbitors. The booth has three walls and are typically smaller; enclosed on three sides. These displays are generally cheaper and are a great branching out point for new exhibitors!

Recommendations: For first time exhibitors we recommend portable displays. The option for a portable display allows you to carry your display, install it yourself and transport it with no worries!

corner booth fabric walls VE Graphics
Fremantle Commercial Diving: Three Graphic walls and AV hire made for a wonderful first impression at their trade show!

Corner booth types

A favourite trade show booth type, the corner booth is situated at the end of an aisle. The biggest difference between a corner booth and an inline booth is it provides access to attendees from two sides. One from along either aisle. As the corner booth is exposed from two aisles, the exhibitor can expect a higher number of visitors compared to an inline booth.

VE corner booth 2021
Corner Booth constructed for Vertech at APPEA 2021. Utilising every measure of space by having interactive backwalls and a 4m hanging banner – the client needed lots of room for demonstrations.

Peninsula Booth

Peninsula Booths are a great option for big ticket displays. With only one back-wall, this option allows you to have a feature wall, or bracing for a custom display, without limiting traffic to your booth. Without compromising display area, you can still have storage, power and simple backwall displays.

Recommendations: Peninsula Booths are optimal for custom displays – particularly those that require some kind of bracing. like our Shearwater display seen below, which uses the back-wall to brace the display. This allows you to not sacrifice space for quality.

Custom Fabric Display AMC 2021
AMC booth Display 2021 AOG. This display uses the open available space effectively, while also providing a back-wall to help the display stand.

Island Booth

Island Booths provide 360 Degree exposure to organise expo traffic, making them invaluable booth types. As these booths have no sides, they must be located in the centre of the trade show floor. These are the ideal booths to go hard and create something custom!

Need some inspiration or help choosing the right Trade show booth types? check out our instagram @vegraphicswa for some information!

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