10 Dec Summer Outdoor Branding

Summertime Outdoor Branding

How do you choose your branding options in summertime?

There are many unorthodox and interesting ways to utilise the summertime sun in Summer outdoor branding.

Summer outdoor branding is a great way to get your company message out there while weather is nice!

Marquees and Tents.

Utilising marquees and tents for your business’ branding is a win twofold.

Firstly, you utilise the eye-line of your prospective customers with portable signage.

Secondly, you are able to brand your business while also providing yourself and your customers shade from the summer sun.

Check out this marquee completed for our friends at Esperance chiropractic for their company rebrand. The design is bright and summery, just what you need for a long hot summer day in rural WA! Thanks for working with us!


Using simple signage options such as flags for your business allows you to brand yourself wherever you go!

Wether it be on the verge in front of your office, at your sponsored sport teams games, or even on the back of your boat, these bright vibrant graphics give you the customisability for placement anywhere, anytime!

Check out these large flags we created for our clients Robinson Insurance, on the back of their company boat for a regatta.


An old faithful branding option, outdoor banners and a surefire way to get your company message across.

Wether it be at your local market, or even on the side of the road, banners can be a great way to inform clients of any events or deals you have going on!

Activation Banners in O'Connor ROF

Want to find out some more of our outdoor branding options for summertime? Contact us!

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