Custom Display for Vertech

This year at APPEA we completed a custom display for Vertech Group. Vertech wanted their booth to have lots of open space, and have signage/branding above eyeline to free up space.

The Return of APPEA after its hiatus last year brought our new client, VERTECH to our doors. Vertech were looking to exhibit at APPEA in a 6x6m open plan booth. They had a range of interesting tech to showcase to clients and suppliers alike, including a large tank  and an AUV. And so, the client wanted a mostly open booth, with enough room for clients to see everything up close.


Our initial approach to this display incorporated elements from their previous displays. This expanded on their previous exhibition display, where they used a hanging banner as the major branding. As a result, we made the banner span the width of the booth to give great eye line branding.

In addition, this custom display for Vertech evolved as the clients booth changed from open to a corner space. This change of booth style allowed us to include unobtrusive branding against the walls.

+Design Elements

One of the major points we needed within the design was to emphasise the clients technology. We also had to allow enough space for its use. When the client’s booth style changed, we were able to have more branding and space.

The clients booth layout was altered in April to a corner booth. This change allowed us to utilise our VE tensioned back-wall graphics and design a whole new booth. The walls of the booth would showcase the client and their employees, with bright colours and images featured.


Our biggest challenge  for installation was incorporating the large tank into the flooring layout. As it was too heavy to sit on the flooring itself we had to CNC route the timber. Our team also covered up the base of the tank to match the flooring, giving it a seamless appearance.

Final Thoughts

The final resulting custom display gave the client the space they needed to showcase thier brand.  They took advantage of their prominent position in the expo centre, with an open and appealing space with bright and vibrant graphics.. The client was able to present various divisions of their company and showcase prominent technology within their tank and on display.

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