Nu-Ali Framework

The Perfect Framework for your Custom fabric display.

Our Newest Custom Fabric Display Solution, NuAli, is here!
Lightweight, custom frame with vibrant tension graphics.


VE’s Newest custom display system is a new way to display. Including high-quality materials, Australian-owned and made graphics.

With the ability to create a display for any shape or size. Such As:


  • Firstly, High-quality aluminum frame, cut to your desired sizing.
  • In Addition, Bead fabric graphics for a seam-less graphic.
  • With the option of panels for further outdoor use.
  • Small footprint with max impact.
  • Back-lighting available
  • Even Customisable to any shape or size imaginable.
  • Allows your use in every display booth size and shape.
  • Finally, Quick install and light graphics for low shipping costs


Basically everything from Backwall graphics to full custom booth displays. Furthermore, NuAli can cater to any size or shape you need.


Additionally, our newest option also allows for a backlit display (Ask us about this option!)


Do you have a trade show vision for your next expo?


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Custom Fabric Display

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Here is a few examples of our NuAli