08 May Case Study: Custom Fabric Tension Display

Our Newest Custom Fabric Tension Display With MERCK shows a slightly different way to use Fabric Graphics

In April 2019, Merck approached VE Graphics with a need for a custom trade show booth for ASCC Conference 2019.

We used our VE Fabric Tension Displays to create a back-wall, and used our in house frame to create an alcove for discussion.

6x3 custom booth Fabric Tension backwalls

Our challenge for this booth was how to mirror this structure and design with Mercks branding guide, but also with their previous booths.

Working with their design team in Germany we compiled a booth design that would allow for everything they needed.

custom fabric tension display 6x3 booth

We created the booth using 6 meter and 3 meter custom fabric tension displays, with a inliten fabric alcove.

Using VE Hire Furniture, we created a space that allowed for 3 areas for interaction with clients. There is also multiple storage areas available, and ample space for display of products.

The ASCC Conference in Perth is on from 7-9 May 2019.

Interested in your own Custom Fabric Tension Display? Contact us for further information, or check out our portable displays portfolio.

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