05 Sep Renting VS. Buying Exhibition Displays

What is right for your brand?

Working out whether to rent vs buy a exhibition display is a pivotal decision in your exhibition process and should be considered as you lay out your exhibiting calendar for the year. Our team at VE graphics has an extensive range of exhibition stand systems for hire or purchase and offers a free initial consultation.

Display stand hire offers clients the ultimate in flexibility, creativity and cost effectiveness.

Hiring a rental display can save up to 30%. Furthermore, hiring is also a great option for clients who already own an exhibition stand but need additional parts to complement or extend their exisiting display for one off larger events.

There are many reasons why exhibitors choose to hire their display stands:

  1. First- Time exhibitors who wish to test the market, are new to exhbiting or who have budget constraints
  2. Clients who exhibit occassionally and want to maximise their budget.
  3. Clients who exhibit overseas can enjoy the ease and freedom of hiring a VE Graphics display while utilising our global display network. This service takes the worry out of coordinating shipping, labour and other international considerations.
  4. Clients who have conflicting events and need two display solutions at the same time.

Are you interested in renting a trade show display? contact us for more information!

Should you buy your trade show display?

  1. For regular and long – time exhibitors, buying your trade show stand allows full customisability to implement your design vision. Ideal for those who have one or two intended exhibition displays, this option allows full autonomy and customisability.
  2. For long term Exhibitors, buying your trade show display is a cost saving measure. If you intend to exhibit long term at one or two exhibitions, purchase of your trade show display can be a cost saving measure.
  3. For first time exhibitors, portable exhibition displays offer a great beginning for your trade show experience! For smaller businesses, or those with smaller budgets/ smaller display footprints, a first display choice is one portable and light for 1/2 person setups, such as our Fabric Tension Displays. If you are a non-for-profit organisation, please click here for information on our refurbish scheme.

There are so many options these days for trade show displays, let the display specialists help you out!Get in contact with us for more information and a free in-showroom consultation.

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