VE’s New Reuse Scheme

reuse scheme

27 Aug VE’s New Reuse Scheme

VE Graphics is committing to our new reuse scheme – a rehoming service for out-of-use displays.

Do you have any old, out-of-use displays, hidden in your storeroom, gathering dust? Recycle them at VE Graphics!

We are starting a program to re-use them to help non-for-profit organisations with greatly reduced display material.


VE graphics has long since used sustainable printing and constructing methods to allow the most economical and long lasting displays.

As many of our current clients are aware, many of them can be reskinned and reused as often as you’d like…

But if you have a display that needs a new home, drop them past VE graphics and we will take them off your hands to supply to non-for-profit organisations.

We will even email you to let you know where your displays end up! Help us become more aware and more conscious of the world and rehome your displays to give it another life with a worthy recipient.

Contact us below for more information.

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