16 May Case Study: Transportable and Professional Display

VE Fabric Back-walls can be used in any situation; our valued clients at Radiant Heat use them as a complete back-wall.

Radiant heat approached VE Graphics in February 2019, looking for a transportable option for their shows in Australia in 2019.

After multiple discussions, and checking out our showroom, the team decided on 2 double sided fabric back-walls with a fabric tension tower.

VE Fabric Tension Displays can be transported in carry bags small enough to carry on, and are easily installed by the client in 5 minutes, so they are ideal for businesses who wish to use the same booth multiple times in different locations.

Printed double sided, this can be used as a back-wall in a booth, or a floating display in a island space.

Congratulations on a great show Radiant! check them out at designbuild in darling harbour.
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