Case Study – Riverwijs Marine

For its most important show of the year, Riverwijs Marine wanted to utilise the same booth space as they had held for the previous 2 years but wanted a more contemporary design, higher impact with up to date large format imagery and a live presentation to boost visitor participation and interest.


9 months prior to Australasian Oil and Gas 2016 VE Graphics Director Martin Johnston and Julian Wright of Riverwijs started throwing around idea and looking at concepts.


Julian was keen to increase exposure of their brand whilst keeping the booth spacious to ensure there was plenty of room for their new marketing ‘toy’, a remote control tug boat. An scaled down replica of their latest acquisition.

Julian decided on their final display with a variety of rental Inliten Exhibition frame with custom built element such as down lighting and large clear acrylic 500 ltr circular water tank to boost the contemporary feel of the booth. The large format graphics printed by VE Graphics ‘direct to fabric’ printer allowed seamless large format imagery but also allowed us to utilise curved framework at height due to its light weight.


‘ Martin, thank you for your work over the last 12 month in renewing our AOG stand. We got a lot of positive feedback and appreciate how easy you made it for us’


Julian Wright

Riverwijs Marine

Fremantle Western Australia